Botlhokwa ba lerato le tshegetso ya masika le ditsala mo go ikamogeleng ka seemo sa gago sa bogole le Kgotatso Pudule

In life we all know by now that no man is an island, in order to get by one has to affiliate themselves with those who will support them in any kind or form of support that might be needed to make it through and succeed in their journey.
Support and love from loved ones or close by people is important in a sense that not only does it give strength and courage, but it also provides the necessary or needed guidance in ensuring that in all the various endeavours we pursue, we do stand great chances of succeeding.
Same applies with coming to terms with and accepting one’s disability condition. It can be a mammoth task on its own, but with rightful support structures from close family and friends one can make it peacefully so.
Like Pabalelo Kgotatso Pudule, a young man from Mmanokwane village in Taung who was born with Cerebral palsy condition as a result of a home incident that occurred to her mother of falling whilst pregnant.
The 27 years old saw his condition affect his mobility, resulting in him using crutches. Like many others, the support and courage from loved ones made it easier for him to accept his disability condition as simple as possible