The Financial Coach

Today we do a one-episode break-away from our international podcast host series to listen to local man, Paul Roux.
Paul has a background in finance and marketing... and in addiction. Now, 9 years into his sober journey, he is combining his knowledge and experience of everything financial with with his strength and hope of recovery, to bring a message of financial hope and dreams to people in the recovery community, but by all mean not limited to people in recovery.
I find his story very inspirational and think you will too.
Learn more about Paul on his [website]( While on his site also look at the book Paul features in, called The Addiction Diaries. You can also find him on Facebook if you look for Paul Roux Coaching. You can even email Paul at
This was Zoom recording. At stages you will hear some sound lags (if that is even a thing – but you will hear what I mean when you hear it). I apologise for that, but it is due to the internet, over which I have no control.