#9  Can a veterinarian use hypnosis to bring about a world without wine?

Belinda Roxburgh started life out as a student of psychology before becoming a veterinarian. Many years later she found her way back to working with the mind. She studied to become a hypnotherapist and through an exercise during one of these classes, stopped drinking wine. Today she works with World Without Wine and helps clients who want to stop drinking alcohol, as well as working with other addictions.

The powerful Subconscious mind is the seat of our emotions, beliefs and imagination. It is key to our automatic behaviours and habits. When someone pushes our buttons it means that an emotion is triggered from way back that was associated with a particular memory, real or imagined. In a second, your heart can speed up and you can be ready to argue, cry or run for it. Emotions are neurophysiological reactions that can be triggered by a thought. This mind-body connection is what we are most interested in when using hypnosis for stress-related conditions.

She says that during hypnotherapy, it is possible to change those automatic reactions to triggers as well as retrain the brain to have other healthier thoughts. When we experience this type of learning in a hypnotic state of mind it is one of the most effective ways to rewire the brain (called neuroplasticity). This means that a new automatic behaviour in reaction to a trigger becomes possible and an empowering feeling replaces the old emotion.

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