#8  Can hypnosis help you overcome sexual trauma?

The vivacious Athenea Faye is very enthusiastic about hypnotherapy. She is based in Kempton Park and deals mainly with clients who have experienced sexual trauma.

Very often people who come from a Christian background have serious issues about hypnosis. Interestingly, Athenea comes from the same background and explains why there is no conflict between hypnosis and Christian beliefs.

She talks enthusiastically about how she deals with people who come to see her, mainly because of sexual abuse. She explains some of the processes she uses and how she would structure her sessions in order to help her clients.

She also explores the way in hypnosis can open up inner universes and put you in touch with your own spirituality.

You can get in touch with Athenea through her website www.atheneafaye.com.

This interview was conducted by https://hendrikbaird.com.

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