#9  Why are children so easy to hypnotise?

Aiden Lottering is a martial arts expert who was looking for a way to improve his martial arts classes. Then he stumbled upon hypnosis and has never looked back! In hypnosis, he found a powerful modality which not only changed his life but is changing the lives of his clients.

In this interview, which was punctuated by some showers during a wet day in Pretoria, he talks about hypnosis for children. He explains why he likes working with children and why hypnotherapists should not be hesitant to help children overcome their issues through hypnotherapy.

He shares some interesting stories about some of the clients he has seen, including the very first client, who reacted in the most unusual way to the work he was doing in that session. He goes on to talk about how he helps people who have had trauma and how effective hypnosis is in helping them overcome various types of trauma that they have experience.

Aiden touches on the difference between meditation and hypnosis. He explains how not only hypnosis works but also how he uses it in his busy hypnotherapy practise situated in the north of Pretoria.

At some point during the interview the heavens opened as the rain poured down, so "don't adjust your set" when you hear the shushing sounds of the welcome rain!

You can find out more about Aiden and what he does from his website www.childrenoflife.co.za.

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