EP55: The South Africa we all want to live in - Ryland Fisher

This week on The Doc and The Guru Podcast we chat with iconic editor, journalist, columnist and author Ryland Fisher about the newly published book of the same name The South Africa we all want to live in. https://booklounge.co.za/product/the-south-africa-we-want-to-live-in-compiled-by-ryland-fisher/

One of the pioneers of community journalism in the 1980s Ryland is passionate the role of media in social transformation. As the convener of judges for the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Awards and a judge on the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards there is nobody better qualified than our guest this week to talk about positive transformation. And the journey we all need to take on the road to a better South Africa. .

Ryland’s first book, Making the Media Work for You (2002), provided unique insights into the media industry. In 2007 his book Race achieved global recognition for its contribution to dealing with race and racism in post-apartheid South Africa.

The first ever Community Chest published book, The South Africa We Want To Live In, compiled and edited by this week’s guest on The Doc and The Guru Podcast unpacks the often robust, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial steps we need to take to get beyond ticking the boxes.

When it comes to transformation, if you’re still asking the question “what can I do” then this podcast is just right for you.
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