EP51: Strategic agility for a sustainable business. Roshni Gajjar founder and Managing Director of StratAstute

On this week’s episode of The DOC & The GURU, we chat with Roshni Gajjar, the Founder and Managing Director of StratAstute, on strategic agility for a sustainable business. We focus on the work that she is doing in the Eastern Cape to help overcome some of their major challenges that face that province. Besides the health and economic devastation of Covid, we also cover other important aspects such as; the energy and water crisis in the region, the need to have a consolidated tourism plan to attract holidaymakers, how different businesses have rallied together in crisis response teams, and the critical question of ‘do we have the right leadership for the future’?

We also chat about the positive contribution that StratAstute is making with the Herald Business 360 Webinars of good news stories and the series of ‘Lift as We Rise’ webinars – to not only give hope but some real business tools for the future. So, if you are interested in hearing about ‘future-proofing’, sustainability, innovation, creativity and responsiveness, listen for free on https://band.link/DocGuru

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