EP49: Black Friday and the Elegance of One: The Advertising Regulatory Board.

Acclaimed South African author Angela Makholwa describes the latest novel (Two Months) from Gail Schimmel as a “psychological thriller questioning every angle of reality”. Which is exactly why we invited Gail Schimmel CEO – of the Advertising Regulatory Board – to talk to The Doc and The Guru about Black Friday and self-regulation in advertising.

Is Black Friday just another bit of opportunistic retail smoke and mirrors trick, which distorts pricing reality, or its it the single biggest opportunity we have to kickstart the ailing South African market in 2020?

Today, 50-60% of the world’s countries run Black Friday sales events and the levels of excitement and participation vary from one country to another. @Nielsen analyses The Price of Promoting confirms South Africa is the second-most price sensitive country in the world and @GeoPoll reports that the number of consumers claiming to shop Black Friday increased from 60% in 2017 to 76% in 2019.

Are South African consumers at risk?

Which? Report_2018 highlights endemic and widespread malpractice in “anchor pricing” in Black Friday and Cyber Monday offerrings. What should we be doing to protect our interests if we feel Black Friday advertising is misleading? Will the ARB listen if I am the lone voice in the wilderness? Listen in as Gail Schimmel explains the elegant logic of one.
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