Taking Over Our Spiritual Mountain (Our Vision) Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

Know Your Mother - Prophetess Anna Tendai Sibiya: Pastor Anna Sibiya is a full-time servant of God who is the senior pastor (together with Apostle Sibiya) of Bethel Worship Centre, an assembly of Glory Ministries with close to 1000 members.

She is also the international leader of Her Glory, the women’s fellowship arm of Glory Ministries, and the host of Her Glory Annual Women’s Conference. Over the years Pastor Anna Sibiya has been involved in many activities of the church.

She is one of the biggest partners of Glory Ministries (www.glorymin.net) both financially and materially.

Pastor Anna has been learning the ministry ropes from other established female Christian legends like her spiritual mother, Apostle Mavis Gurupira, Archbishop Dr. Eunor Guti, , and Pastor Tendai Parwaringira, to mention but a few. She has been invited as a guest speaker to a number of conferences and churches, either individually or together with Apostle Sibiya.

Pastor Anna is a great and avid disciple of Grooming and Etiquette, which she has mastered very well to be able to teach other spouses of the servants of God and to the body of Christ in general.

Within Glory Ministries, Pastor Anna Sibiya oversees a number of spiritual sons and daughters in over forty (40) assemblies under the ministry. She, together with Apostle Sibiya, also has got a number of spiritual sons and daughters outside the ministry who have also managed to establish successful ministries.

Pastor Anna Sibiya is the Mother General of Glory Ministries. She has been the greatest pillar of strength to Apostle Pride Sibiya from within the ministry, such that Apostle Sibiya refers to her as “MY OWN PASTOR”. The two have been married for fifteen (15) years and God has blessed them with three beautiful daughters, Anouya, Anenyasha and Anaya.

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