Creating A Ticketing Powerhouse and Leading the Future of Ecommerce with Lee Masuka of ClicknPay

In this episode I speak to Lee Masuka, the co-founder and CEO of Click n pay. Click n pay is a local ticketing app that rose to business fame when they started appearing and all events around the country.

In this episode we talk about their humble beginnings and learning the ropes of a tech startup, navigating the business world and the mamoth task of culture change with digital ticketing.

What does it take to design a product that is easy for everyone to use and the how important is it to solve a problem as a tech startup? Lessons about creating a trusted solution and the lessons that Lee and click n pay learnt as they brought us the product.

In the covid era, pivoting has been vital for the survival of many businesses. Lee tells us how click n pay took the market into consideration and created a first in Zim ticketing. The plans that clicknpay have for expansion into general ecommerce and providing a future payments solution.

As always, this episode was great and I am keen to see which direction they take going forward. Let's continue to learn and improve together.

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