Understanding racism

The Clicks incident has again brought the spotlight on institutional racism. The company has apologized after public uproar from the black community. But this is not the first time corporates got it wrong. H&M also got in trouble for a distasteful advert. But then where are corporates getting in wrong? Also the other element is that some white people don’t seem to understand why such things are hurting and offensive to the black community. Where do we start in trying to address this problem and how far can we trace it?

Guest: Dr Mandisa Majavu – Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes

Guest: Lovelyn Nwandeyi – Founder and Director of L&N Advisors - Also Seniour Fellow of the Atlantic Fellowship for Racial Equity, coordinated by Columbia University in New York and the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Guest: Dr Mariheca Otto - MD of Motto Business Solutions and measurement specialist (She says Diverse teams are proven to out-perform homogenic teams)