#TheConnection Gogo Ntombiyamanzi interprets your dreams and explains the symbolismI behind religious contexts in dreams

Have you been having dreams that bother you?
We have Traditional healer, GogoNtombiyamanzi joining today to help us understand our dreams – everything from understanding & interpretation and the significance of dreams. Send us a WhatsApp message if you wish to engage with Gogo Ntombiyamanzi… Do it now!
Today’s Talking Points;
1. Gogo, you have a blog gogontombiyamanzi.blogspot.com... Talk to us about your content there, you help people understand the work that you do?
2. Your #DreamRehab is also a big movement, when does it happen and how does it happen?
3. Keeping a dream journal is largely encouraged, but at times we try to make sense of dreams by telling our loved ones and friends... Are there any dangers to this & what could those be?
Religious context in your dreams...
1. Religion in our dreams, what does it mean to see yourself in church, in church attire or in the presence of a church priest...
2. Dreaming of satanic symbols, or possessed people... What does it mean, should you be worried?