Brands Of Faith with Oudney Patsika

The morden day society is now overwhelmed and overrun by commercial clutter. Spirituality and religion has become another product to be sold in the marketplace, and faiths of all kinds must compete with a myriad of more entertaining and more convenient leisure activities.

I take time to explain to you why we as Bishops and Apostles need to understand to concept of becoming Brands of Faith. For us as the Body Of Christ to compete effectively, we have to become brands – easily recognizable symbols and spokespeople. We will need to do this whilst we keep our message holy, pure and undiluted.

About Oudney N. Patsika (Digital Media Strategist)

Oudney Patsika ( is an endtime Apostolic Systems and Processes Re-Engineer.

His gift is to think and rethink, create and recreate radical designs or redesign of core processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, performance and quality - until the systems and processes become world-class competitors.

Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World: In today’s media-driven, distracted culture, your message must be amplified to reach a larger audience. Oudney Patsika has developed remarkable expertise that can help deliver groundbreaking ideas to the world. Through communication strategies, video, web development and design, social media, book publishing, church media, broadcast television, and movies, my goal is to inspire your followers and audience to act.

My Vision: To change the perception of Christianity in today’s media-driven culture. To make that happen, Oudney Patsika has been mobilizing a powerful strategy to share this story with the national media, train a new generation of pastors and leaders, and create a pathway for Christian influence in entertainment and media.