Nhlivo Actually episode 21: A conversation with Nhlanhla Mlangeni on how to forgive and accept yourself.

How to forgive and accept yourself after making mistakes that ultimately alter the curse of your life and lead you down a different path than the one you had set and prepared for yourself in your mind. The episode looks at how to deal with and accept the past with full knowledge that there's nothing that can be done to amend it, practicing self love through having empathy for yourself practicing the same patience you extend to others when they are going through a tough time to yourself. Being brave enough to engage your inner critic in a real way, identifying your short comings and realising that you are human at the end of the day and accepting that fact. Taking the time out to identify where all these feelings are coming from and the events that may have hurt you and learning how to accept apologies that you have never received for you own sake, to get a sense of closure and a freedom from the burden. Once these have been done you can being to regroup and put you best foot forward as you will be anchored in the present while embracing the possibilities the future holds.