Nhlivo Actually episode 19: A conversation with Richi Rich

Richi Rich is an artist/musician born in Baragwana hospital, in the Soweto township.

He moved to Alexandra with his family when he was 3 years old. Richi started rapping when he was 12, but only started taking music seriously when he was 16. Ever since then he’s been growing and going strong. Wielding a great flow, clever word play and originality, his

music is mostly influenced by the area which he comes from along with its culture, style, lingo and the hardships and lessons of growing up in a township.

Known for his vibrant and energetic stage performances, Richi brings something fresh and exciting to the stage. A former member of hip hop group YUNGUNZENT(2010-2014), Richi is now a solo artist. Mostly around the Johannesburg area, Richi has performed alongside the likes of Stilo Magolide and

others.Richi has released three independent projects as a solo artist, GFUNKERA(Mixtape), GHETTFABULOUS(Mixtape)