Best Video Conferencing tool for Africa

Best Video Conferencing tool for Africa and beyond

With work from home creating remote teams that need to meet frequently Video Conferencing Applications have become mass-market essential work tools. Zoom has become not just a platform but the common term used for an online video call or conference. Even when people are using one of a variety of communication platforms the call is referred to as a zoom call.  With this in mind and with so many video conferencing tools to choose from which of the many is best for you?

To go through each and every video conferencing tool out there would be a pointless exercise and for this reason, we have selected just 6 that we feel work best for a South African or African user even though they will work anywhere in the world. The reason why we have chosen tools that work best in South Africa and Africa is that the region often has lower quality, slower internet connections with data a premium too. The solutions we have found most suited for South Africa and Africa  are:

MS Teams
Google Meet