101. Ndaremerwa | Sengikhathele. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

In light of everything that's happening in our country we thought it fitting to record a special episode and try to capture the conversations happening all around but mostly online and have culminated into the Zimbabwean Lives Matter hashtag.

We talk about what the hashtag means, how and why it came about, why online activism is just as equally important as offline activism, the role of celebrities and socialites during protests. We debunk a few pseudo-intellectual arguments surrounding society and structures and formats of protesting.

It's a pretty heavy episode, filled with anger and haphazard rants. But please do tune in, let's keep the conversation going, keep the momentum, don't ever let them forget that Zimbabwean Lives Matter!

Opening Song: Ndaremerwa - Holy Ten
Closing Song: Anocheta - Afrika Revenge