Nance Klehm with Kelly Pope

Spontaneous Vegetation airs on second and fourth Sundays on Lumpen Radio, 5-6pm.

Kelly Pope is a genderqueer organizer with a background in fine arts and cultural criticism. They are based in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. They’re passionate about low tech biochar production, bioregional herbalism, somatic healing for grief and trauma, Florida natural history, and workers’ health and safety. They would not call themselves an artist; they utilize the arts as a means of opening lines of communication and ideas/exploration. As a scorpio and social chameleon they have a lived experience in liminality that informs their interest in all things transitory. And now, as an essential worker during a global pandemic, they have even more urgency around sharing their perspective and vision of the world. This episode aired on July 12, 2020. It includes clips from two separate interviews with Kelly, conducted in May 2020.