What does #YouthDay mean to you?

The uprisings of 1976 are often recalled as an event that took place in Soweto on June 16, when police opened fire on students marching to express their condemnation of the apartheid policy to enforce Afrikaans as the medium of instruction as part of Bantu education in black schools. That day is invariably associated with Sam Nzima’s picture of 18-year-old activist Mbuyisa Makhubo carrying Hector Pieterson, a massacre victim, in his arms.

However, there is a larger story, as the rebellion spread across the country and by August 1976 had erupted in black and coloured townships in the Western Cape from Langa, Nyaga and Gugulethu, a student boycott at the University of the Western Cape and spreading across the Cape Peninsula.

Guest:DINGA SIKWEBU - Labour Activist