Amabookabooka: Michiel Heyns

One Whale of a Good Yarn
The subject of today’s episode of Amabookabooka is ‘A Poor Season For
Whales’, which is not the title of a sport’s book about the Welsh
rugby team’s miserable 1991 year when they were walloped 63-3 by the
Wallabies. ‘A Poor Season For Whales’ (with an H) is author,
translator and English professor Michiel Heyns’ outstanding new novel.
The book has everything: vivid imagery, beautiful descriptions,
fascinating characters, gripping dialogue, understated humour, an
intriguing plot, a sharp knife hanging over it and a dassie-chasing
Doberman named Benjy. (Michiel reveals why every one of his novels
features a dog…)