#TheAfrikanNarrative - African Geopolitical ATLAS 2020

Stake Experts has published the first edition of its African Geopolitical ATLAS 2020. The aim of the ATLAS is to give a snapshot of the geopolitical changes taking place on the continent over the last two years (i.e. 2018 and 2019). Security issues move at a very fast pace on the African continent and what was a consistent trend three or four years ago might be anecdotal today or at least not as relevant as it was before.
To produce this ATLAS, the editing team focused on the decisionmaking value of the mapped data, i.e. their capacity to provide essential elements for an informed decision on the chosen themes. As such, it is a policy-oriented publication, intended to provide useful benchmarks for decision-making.

Guest: Claude Biao - Policy Analyst at Stake Experts and Managing Editor of the African Geopolitical ATLAS 2020