Denis Goldberg Tribute

South African anti-apartheid activist Denis Goldberg, who stood trial alongside Nelson Mandela in the 1963 Rivonia Trial and was imprisoned for 22 years by the regime, has died at the age of 87 at his home in Cape Town. Goldberg, joined the African National Congress’ (ANC) armed wing in 1961 to oppose the apartheid regime. He was arrested in 1963 at a secret meeting in a Johannesburg suburb and stood trial with several others, including Mandela and Walter Sisulu, in what became known as the Rivonia Trial. He was then convicted on sabotage charges and sentenced to life imprisonment after the judge declined to impose the death sentence. African Dialogue speaks to Morakabe (Raks) Seakhoa, author & Chief Executive Officer of the Maritime Heritage Institute, Dr Brown Maaba, historian and author and Verne Harris, director of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Archives and Dialogue.