Amabookabooka: Marcus Low

Low Down on Health Horror
Today’s episode of Amabookabooka is a throwback to 2017 when novelist,
journalist and public health activist Marcus Low coughed up the
incredible and, as it turns out, very credible dystopian health-horror
novel Asylum. A high-security quarantine facility has been set up in
the Karoo for people with a highly infectious lung disease known as
“pulmonary nodulosis” - there is no cure. The inmates have been
separated from the rest of the country - where they do nothing much
but wait to die.
Asylum is like an uncooked onion: raw with layers upon layers and will
make you cry. It is a thought-provoking and superbly written book that
will do to you what a fictional South African government did to the
novel’s protagonist Barry James – hold you captive.