Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Matthew Buckland

Celebrating the Joy of Matt

Today is a very special edition of Amabookabooka. We pay tribute to
and celebrate the life of Matthew Buckland - a tech wonder kid, a
digital fundi, an entrepreneur, an innovator, a journalist, a
publisher, an author, a mountain biker and a compulsive dreamer who
had big dreams. Matt always had a sparkle in his eye and a
million-buck grin.

In the middle of 2018 Matt was diagnosed with an aggressive form of
cancer. On the day of his first chemo session in October he started to
write a book about his entrepreneurial journey. Two months later he
sent the manuscript to his publisher. Matt died on 23 April last year
shortly before his book So You Want to Build a Startup was published.
He was just 44. We chat to Matt’s dad, Andrew Buckland, and good
friend Vince Maher about Matt's extraordinary life.