23 year old Eldorado Park woman clears her name amid false coronavirus rumours

Eldorado Park resident Chante' Ingle has falsely been accused of having the coronavirus. Images of the the 23 year old have been circulating locally on social media with a caption falsely stating that the virus has reached the local community and that Ingle has been infected. During her interview with Eldos FM, cleared her name of the rumours and explained the impact the false allegations have had on her.

New regulations under the Disaster Management Act of South Africa have been released and state that creating and/or spreading fake news about the covid-19 pandemic through news and other channels is a criminal offence. It is an offence to publish a statement through any medium with the intention to deceive about the pandemic, anyone's covid-19 infection status or the government's measures to address the virus. Any person who misrepresents that he, she or any other person is infected with covid-19 will be liable to a fine or imprisoned for no longer than 6 months, or liable to both a fine and imprisonment.