S01E01: Garth, Trading and the 2020 Market Crash... An Introduction

In this episode, Garth shares his story with us... from falling in love with paper-trading at 14 and how he struggled to find his feet in the markets when he started dealing with real money until one day someone sat him down and explained Futures to him by comparing it to his other love... cars.

He also walks us through the carnage of the 2008 global market crisis and how he turned that into an opportunity to go out on his own and start his own trading business, Traders Corner, and all the subsequent market crashes he has traded through and survived, including the latest one around Covid-19, which Garth shares his thoughts and plans around.

It's an industry that needs a lot of help and guidance... That's what this podcast is all about and after listening to this first episode, you'll know why there's no one better than Garth to provide that.

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