Why do women bully each other at work?

Dr Sindi in conversation with Sihle Bolani is an author, strategist, facilitator and advocate for the Equality of Black Women in the workplace, and also Dr Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh, an academic at MANCOSA and former Human Resource Executive. [ She is conducting research on the Queen Bee Syndrome in South Africa.]Amidst challenges women face to enter the workplace; to overcome socially constructed norms; and to gain parity at work, women continue to experience the lethal sting of a Queen Bee who succeeded in her career, but refuses to help other women do the same. According to research, The Queen Bee phenomenon has been documented by several studies. In one study, scientists from the University of Toronto speculated that the Queen Bee Syndrome may be the reason that women find it more stressful to work for female managers; no difference was found in stress levels for male workers.