Meetings Africa

Meetings Africa is a tourism event featuring Africa as a destination spot. It aims at providing a comprehensive panaroma in the field of travel industry in Africa. It is a great place for connecting with global network of decision makers, executives or to simple book a vacation trip in the travel industry. This event strives to foster a healthy environment for business to client or business to business organisations all across the globe. This event involves products like diverse offering of services and products where African associations and African meetings industry professionals can partner to help transform our continent etc. in the Business Services, Travel & Tourism industries

To tell us more we have:

Glenton De Kock, Chief Executive Officer of the Southern African Association for The Conference Industry

Catherine Linda, of the Julius Nyerere Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam

Amrita Craig Marketer for Mauritius Tourism

Matamando Chagunda marketing manager Umodzi Park