Libya ceasefire

The United Nations supported government in Libya said it has suspended its participation in talks in Geneva aimed at salvaging a fragile cease-fire in the North African country following an attack on Tripoli's strategic port. Since last April, the United Nations recognised Government of National Accord, based in the capital, has been engaged in conflict with the self-styled Libyan National Army. The country’s warring sides had resumed their U.N. brokered military negotiations earlier Tuesday; however the forces of military commander Khalifa Hafter stepped up their attacks on the Libyan capital, hitting its seaport. It appeared to be the first such attack on Tripoli’s port since Hafter's forces began their siege of the city almost a year ago.

We are joined by:

• Dr Shinagi Mangiza – Mutizwa, is an independent analyst

• Ebrahim Dean is a senior researcher at the Afro Middle East Centre