In conversation with Azania Mosaka

In this episode, I had the opportunity of speaking to Azania Mosaka. I fan’girled a little (or a lot) but there were some incredible insights shared and some learnings too. Having watched and listened to her over the years in her broadcast career and as she moved into other business roles - I just marveled at how she just does what she does - in my world, she’s just magic! In that real, wonderful, funny, witty and colourful manner. Our conversation touched on family, career, wellness and business. There were moments I wanted to say 'Pause! That I need to jot down', because really, her way of drawing you in is special, and what she shared, no matter where you are, who you are or what is happening in your world - there is something that you take to heart as you walk this life journey. I hope you enjoy the episode!