#77 Pt 2 – 2019 Movie Roundup: Movie Sequels, Too Much Fame & Appreciating Paul Rudd With Alex Hart

For the second part of first episode of 2020, Mike is joined by returning guest & movie buff, Alex Hart for a full round-up of movies from the last year as well as many others (also joined by the self-proclaimed co-host Megan)!
This week, their movie chat continues with a spoiler-free discussion on Joker and why they do not believe a sequel would work well, followed by a general discussion on sequels, a short talk on superhero movies, general love & appreciation for Paul Rudd is brought up along with celebrities who are supposedly a pain to work with, the burden of fame is mentioned and then the last half of the show is show a round-up of some movies of 2019 that hadn’t yet been discussed, including Toy Story 4, IT Chapter Two, Fighting With My Family, Zombieland 2 and more!
In part 1 Alex chatted with Megan & Mike about a few things (such as hiking) before delving into the full movie discussion where a great many movies are discussed and there are *NO SPOILERS* within this chat so it’s a great way to add a few new films to your watch-lists! Disney live-action remakes, Alfred Hitchcock movies and favourite childhood movies are all discussed, also at the end of part 1 Mike & Alex talk about the 2009 Watchmen movie and how it compares to the graphic novel & new series.
In the last episode of GCC, Mike & Megan chat with Ciara & Nick for a tangentical chat with a huge matter of random things discussed, including Nick’s solo show, why Nick & Ciara started a podcast, censorship, Michael Jackson’s child Blanket, Nick’s identity crisis, Robbie Williams & Take That, Disney films, some issues that come from Nick & Megan being teachers, how Megan & Nick met, music taste in general, intellectual property and much more nonsense!
In case you missed it, Mike collaborated with Scott, Chris & Dave of the 20th Century Geek, Comics In Motion & VHS Strikes Back podcasts for an instalment in the Journey To The Rise Of Skywalker podcast collaboration – check the other podcasts for the Star Wars prequel & sequel discussions and keep an eye out for the Episode IX review!
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