#9  #9 Police Matter

Jane and Hope finally opened up to Mary about their miserable situation. Mary, on her part, is determined to help them and does not only have a good idea how to go for it, but also some important proof.
Season 1 / Episode 9 5 Nov 2019 English South Africa Fiction

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#5 The Secret

Jane and Hope are very excited when Mary brings them a letter from their mother. But they soon find out that it doesn’t contain good news.
Season 1 / Episode 5 9 min

#8 The Tide Is Turning

After their father moved in with them against their will, Jane and Hope ran away and are now sleeping rough with their friends, the street kids Leroy and Sara. Will the sisters find a solution to get off the streets?
Season 1 / Episode 8 9 min

#2 A New Home

After the sisters Jane and Hope fled their violent father with their mother Carol, they have started a new life elsewhere. They are safe now, but still have to deal with some new problems.
Season 1 / Episode 2 10 min

#4 Joining Forces

The teenage sisters Hope and Jane seem to be living an ordinary life in a small African town with their mother. But they have a secret which is weighing heavily on them.
Season 1 / Episode 4 9 min

#6 The Whistleblower

Aisha reveals Jane's and Hope’s secret, pretending she wants to help. But she leaves out an important detail…
Season 1 / Episode 6 9 min