The audit: unpacking the old ancient Afrikan calendar

Ancient Africa had calendar systems centuries and centuries ago. Africans created the worlds's oldest calendar, more than 300,000 years ago (150 miles west of Maputo, Mozambique). The settled area surrounding the calendar site was the size of Johannesburg and London put together. Egyptians got their knowledge from this civilization.

Guest: Mkhulu Nsingiza - CEO of the Zindzi Mandela Foundation

Guest: Rra Letsatsi Bokaba – Child of the Novelant African Ancestors, an Intuitionist and a Malombo (Sangoma)

Guest: Dr Zulumathabo Zulu - Doctoral Practitioner; Metaphysical Scientist; Cosmologist; Engineer; Inventor; Lexicographer; intellectual Historian; Published Author; Certified Publisher and Contextual Poet