9 to 12 with Vikki Cole - Interview with Remy Kloos

Remy Kloos is a 31 year old Cape Town woman who became an extreme high altitude mountain climber 3 years ago in a bid to tackle her anxiety disorder.
She started with Kilimanjaro and fell in love with climbing mountains and so she packed up her corporate job and is self-funding the Seven Summits Challenge where you basically climb the world 7 highest peaks.
She has now tackled 4 of them and doing the 5th this month. Next year she will be doing Everest and Lhotse - and is also planning a double summit of these 2 peaks within 24 hours - and Vison Massif.
Remy will be the youngest person from the African continent to have ever completed the Seven Summits Challenge and she will be the first woman from Africa to ever climb Lhotse as well as the first person from Africa to attempt the Everest-Lhoste combo climb.
She founded a charity initiative that she raises funds for through her climbing and so far has raised R400 000 towards the upgrading of the Dlala Nje Foundation in Jhb.