Zimbabwe's Financial Situation

A United Nations human rights envoy says Zimbabwe’s deteriorating political and economic situation is causing anxiety as hopes fade for a long-awaited improvement in living conditions. Many Zimbabweans are frustrated that the November 2017 departure of long-time President Robert Mugabe, who died September 6 of this year in Singapore, did not lead to a quick economic recovery or end the heavy-handed tactics of authorities in the country. The International Monetary Fund said on Thursday that annualised inflation in Zimbabwe hit almost three-hundred percent in August, and called on Harare to intensify reform efforts.

• Professor Tapiwa Chagonda, an Associate professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg

• Professor Willie Chinyamurindi, Associate professor Department of Business Management, research leader – Faculty of Management and Commerce University of Fort Hare

• Takura Zhangasha, analyst in Zimbabwe