Workers on Wednesday”: The Unpaid Benefits of ex-mineworkers – How long must they still wait?

Historically, South Africa’s economy was built around mining, agriculture and cheap black labour. Since the late 1980’s the mining industry has shrunk and thousands of workers were laid off, many banished to the former homelands of Apartheid South Africa and neighbouring countries. Many have since struggled to survive and relied on retirement and other benefits due to them. However, this was not forthcoming, leaving many miners and other workers and their widows destitute. In today’s show we assess the progress of these workers in accessing their long overdue benefits and we talk to representatives of the Unpaid Benefits Campaign (UBC)…

GUEST: Thomas Malokotsa, who is the chair of the East Rand Unpaid Benefits Campaign (UBC)

GUEST: Dr Dale McKinley, a senior researcher from the International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG) and co-ordinator of the UBC