Planned Unplanned - Learning about and understanding what special needs is

Learning about and understanding what special needs is can be vastly different from experiencing it for yourself with your own child. On today's #PlannedUnplanned, we're joined by a mother of four beautiful children, Vezi Silwanyana and founder of the INAM Foundation which was inspired by the journey that her and her family have been on since Vezi’s third born, Inam, was diagnosed. What does society not understand, what knowledge should you equip yourself with before you take your child to the Dr or specialist. How crucial is support from family, friends and strangers too. The conversation may have been centered on Vezi’s specific journey with her family but the lessons shared were such that we could take something out of it for ourselves or for someone we know. And because it is #PlannedUnplanned, you’ll hear my daughter Kutloano sharing her opinion as my co-host for the day...I appreciate the teachers and the crèche my daughter goes to even more!