Dr Mathole Motshekga

This week in Master Class Africa we talk Dr Mathole Motshekga, Former Chief Whip of the ANC, Chairperson of Constitutional Review Committee in Parliament and Founder of the KARA Heritage Institute. And in the main we will be looking at the following talking points:
• The genesis of human existence
• Humanity
• Types of calendars and their meaning
• Lessons to be taken from the stars
• The divinity of rain water
• Queendoms instead of Kingdoms
• Who or what is God

Dr Motshekga is the former Chief Whip of the majority party. He has served as a representative of the ANC in the Judicial Services Commission and Chairperson of the Joint Committee on the Financial Management of Parliament. He was born 2 April 1949 in Limpopo. After completing his secondary education he went on to further his studies and obtained a B.Luris degree at Unisa in 1975, LLB in 1978 (UNISA), LLM from Harvard Law School and a Doctor of Laws from Unisa. Dr Motshekga practiced as an attorney of the Supreme Court of South Africa in Pretoria and was admitted as an Advocate in the same court in 1984. He also worked in academia and taught Law at Albert-Ludwigs University in Germany and the University of South Africa