Workers on Wednesday: Workers, trade unions and the Environmental Crisis

Over the past few years major concerns have been expressed by civil society and the media about the environmental crisis. These concerns range from global warming, air pollution, pollution of the sea and impact on marine life and the extinction of thousands of species. With a point of no return estimated to be 12 years, the environmental crisis will obviously impact on the economy, jobs and life itself.
However, it is not clear what the trade union movement’s positions are and whether they will seek to influence government and big business to deal with the environmental crisis. In today’s Workers on Wednesday show we discuss the trade union view on issues related to the environment and how they plan to influence and ensure positive change. With us to discuss this we have

GUEST: Lebogang Mulaisi - COSATU Social Policy Coordinator

GUEST: Phakamile Hlubi - Media Officer and Spokesperson for Numsa