The Better Deliverance - Ministering Healing and Deliverance with Bishop Pride Sibiya

The book of exodus is a book that was written by Moses. The name exodus means to exit.

This is where we took the theme of our conference, Tiyambuke because at one point the people of Israel wherein bondage and God sent Moses to deliver them.

Moses was raised by God to deliver people to the Promised Land. When you cry to God, he releases a prophet to deliver and liberate you. God will send a prophet in your time and age to deliver you from your afflictions.

The book of Hebrews is a book of better things. The background of it was written because there were Jews that were saved and because of persecution from other Jews who were saying why have you neglected our faith, because of those persecutions some had already backslidden and some were now falling away. So the writer was writing this book to strengthen the people. He showed them that backsliding is moving to something good but not better.

What is good is not better than better.

The writer shows us that Jesus is better than angels. The Jews saw angels but Christians see Jesus who is of better rank. Mosses is not better than Jesus, Jesus is in the level of Melchizedek.