Obtaining Mercy and Finding Grace with Arch-Bishop Asa Gurupira

President Richard Watson was very famous because of a scandal, he had put the nation to disrepute and everyone was shunning him off because of what he had done.

When one of the then president found him sitting alone and said, welcome home soldier at a moment when he did not expect anyone to visit him. Because of one man, his life changed and from that moment he started to walk tall.

He had received grace where he never expected to receive grace.

We have a high priest who passed through everything and we can now come boldly to the throne of grace. Grace is unmerited favour. The mountain that we are climbing needs grace all the way through. In the book of genesis when Adam fell he needed the grace of God because what he had done needed the grace to cover him in that mess.

When Adam fell, we all fell.
We are sinners because Adam fell.

The sins you are doing today is because of that sinful nature. God gave us grace with the blood of animals but it would only cover us only for a year, and when God would see the blood he would forgive.

We thank God because of His grace and unmerited favour, we were worshipping many gods, we were in our sins and had no hope, but the bibles says that whilst we were sinners Christ died for us.

We did not deserve the grace of God but the blood of Jesus qualified us.