Kindness with our Partners

Over time, we can all start to take our special relationship for granted. All the little and big things that we do for each other become lost in a feeling of routine and amongst all the business of life. We start to give the best of ourselves to our children, our friends, our colleges, our social media. It becomes easy to be unkind and uncaring. If our feelings and actions are a product of our thoughts, we need to go back to the drawing board and start connecting with thoughts about our partners and lives, which will allow us to feel kinder and be kinder. A really useful way of doing this is by connecting with the little and small things we are grateful for.
Start by making a list of things that you really value in your partner.
Then, make a list of things that your partner does for you that really matters and means something. You might want to share these lists as a way of affirming and encouraging each other. Affirmation: I am grateful for you.