Religion and Music

In a special Sunday programme, Edward Stourton takes a look at the relationship between religion and music.

He begins with Gospel music and talks to historian Viv Broughton, promoter Roy Francis and singer Dawn Thomas Wallace about music that has its roots in the black oral tradition and which has had a massive impact on the popular music scene.

The Rev Dr Jonathan Arnold discusses why religious music is still popular despite declining attendances at our traditional churches.

Edward also investigates the power of music to induce a sense of spiritual well being with Neurologist Professor Michael Trimble and Music Psychologist Dr Ruth Herbert. And Professor Rupert Till explains why he believes that popular music has become the primary location for young people to find meaning and belief in their lives.

Music Therapist Grace Meadows describes how music can give a voice to those who have difficulty in communicating.

The programme ends with Cantor Zoe Jacobs - Britain's first Cantor in Reform Judaism - talking about her role.

Helen Lee
Peter Everett
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