Life Coach Claire Gilchrist

Life coach, counsellor and trainer, Claire J. Gilchrist, offers you a talk on a process she herself has been through-and not a fair dismissal at that! She presents you with many insights, gleaned from research, her own retrenchment and that of others, to touch on: the job-how we frequently define ourselves by job we have, not necessarily the work we’re geared to do, based on who we are; the legal-what you need to know about fair dismissal; the professional-how to handle retrenchment with a view to finding another permanent job; the personal-the potentially distressing emotional ramifications of retrenchment-fear, depression, ‘failure’, fallout and worse; the perspective-debating the stance one takes on retrenchment: is it ‘the end’ or possibly a new beginning? And finally, the toolbox-Claire presents a variety of tips and exercises to help you make sound choices about the repercussions of retrenchment, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And help you remember, that although you’re not alone in the process, there is nothing random about retrenchment: at the end of the day, it is very much about YOU!