Nance Klehm and Mushroom, Ecologist and Cultivator Willoughby Arevalo

Willoughby Arevalo is passionate about the ecology of fungi, the ways they shape our world and the ways we shape theirs. His lifelong friendship with fleshy fungi has led him down a mycelial pathway – from a start in field identification and mushroom hunting, branching into cuisine, DIY cultivation, farming, education, writing and eco-arts. In his thirty years of self-mtivated inquiry and intmate lived experience with fungi, he has spent the last decade prioritizing sharing mycology with people in communities across North America This has manifested in numerous presentations, art projects, teaching tours, collaborations, gatherings, and his new book, DIY Mushroom Cultivatioon, out now from New Society Publishers. Between the mycology and art work, and caring for his kid, Uma, he works part time on an organic vegetable farm. Originally from Arcata, California (Traditional Wiyot and Yurok Territory), he lives as a guest on Unceded Coast Salish Territory in Vancouver, Canada. #mycology, #mycoecology, #lumpenradio, #coprosperitysphere, #willoughbyarevalo, #fungi