Photobiomodulation replaces hypnotherapy and baths for pain management during pregnancy

It has become increasingly difficult to find a hospital that use bath therapy to alleviate pain. Hypnotherapy no longer is feasible due to the blue-light bi-directional microwave environments many are bathed in today. Why, because of the AMPk stimulation resulting in the alteration of the neurochemistry inhibiting the original designs of hypnotherapy. Because of the evolving restrictions by humans no longer giving birth in nature synchronised environments, sub-molecular medicine has been developing technology to help offset to some degree the environmental mismatch. Personally, I would love to have given birth in the ocean rock pools Igor Charkovsky style. Sadly, my wife isn’t as adventurous as I am even though our OB-GYN would often comment, “if you give birth by the see it can work out better for me as my home is around the corner and it is less of travel for me to the hospital.”