Italy Decree

The Italian government has come under fire after passing a security decree that aims to curb migration by criminalizing charity search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, despite repeated warnings - including from the United Nations - that the new rules violate the rights of refugees and rescuers alike. The decree, which was championed by far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, also gives additional power to the Ministry of the Interior on issues of migration, and mandates that ships which ignore bans and limitations on entering Italian waters will be seized. More than 12,000 people have died since 2014 trying to flee Libya to Europe by what the UN refugee agency calls the world's deadliest sea crossing. Channel Africa's Khumbelo Munzhelele earlier spoke to Professor Paolo Quercia, an Italian Immigration expert, about the controversial rules. He says it is highly unlikely that the new measures will be withdrawn.
Professor Paolo Quercia, Italian Immigration expert on the line from Rome in Italy.-talking to Khumbelo Munzhelele.