Phat Joe & The Family Chats To Tshidi Mokoma, The Rabbit Farmer

Family Business: Tshidi Mokoma, CEO Rabbit Ville, based in Polokwane, Limpopo

Rabbit Ville is an agricultural company specialising in the rearing and processing of rabbit for domestic consumption. Based in Limpopo, the company has been expanding into the Johannesburg upscale restaurant scene.
Rabbit Ville seeks to also establish organic rabbit breeding and an agro-processing facility in Limpopo and to support other emerging farmers from the region and throughout South Africa to benefit as well.
The product is categorized as white lean meat which has a low fat content and is easily digestible and highly nutritious with the highest amount of protein compared to other meats available in the market
She is a Sophiatown Green Incubation graduate and was the first runner up for 'Best Female Green Entrepreneur of the year - Beeston awards 2017'. She has been recognized by the Department of Agriculture in South Africa as one of the young women who are making great strides and a contribution in the field of bioscience. She has also received first runner up for Youth in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Awards 2017 (YAFF)