Go lopa madi a kotlo ke bo rre ba ba godisang bana ba le nosi le Advocate Petunia Seabi-Mathope (Chief Family Advocate)

Full custody of a child or children always seems to be an issue whenever the two parents split up, either having been married or not. The societal norm or expectation is that the mother is the one who will have full custody of children.
With the ever-changing times, lately fathers are rising and taking much more responsibility when coming to their children more than the mothers does. There is quite a few numbers of fathers who are staying with their children, some with the help of their parents.
Well what is not known or not popular is hearing of fathers requesting for maintenance assistance from absent mothers, but rather single mothers requesting maintenance from absent fathers. Today we learn from our expert guest on the chances and legibility of single fathers requesting maintenance assistance from absent mothers and the relevant procedures to be followed.