Mofuta wa kgwebo o tlang ka ditharabololo mo matshelong a ma Afrika Borwa le Ms Keamogetswe Matsho – CEO Aqua Air Africa

Lately the business environment has moved towards a direction of being self-sufficient, cost effective and competitive. Almost every new business or even existing ones time and again have to come up with everlasting solutions to on-going problems humanity is facing on a daily basis.
Due to the on-going shortage of water in the country that even went to an extend of threatening drying out of dams in a certain city in the country, day zero, a certain company got motivated to come up with solutions to the pending pandemic of water shortage in the country.
Aqua Air Africa came up with a solution to the on-going water crisis in the country; a new disruptive water technology. Aqua Air Africa is currently building Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant where over 10 000 liters of water per day will be produced from the atmosphere.